Sunday, 28 September 2014

Update 13 - The Caverns

Black Cat obtains the frog chieftain's insignia which unlocks the caverns. The caverns are full of traps and puzzles which imprison the monstrous creature the frog people call "The Evil of the Swamp". Passing through these caves will be no easy feat, and Black Cat and his friends know that they won't be able to escape without an encountering this feared creature.

Also, Ruffus pays the city a little visit...

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Update 12 - Demo 5

The newest demo is now available on the download page. This update brings new features, content, locations and bug fixes. Please report all feedback and bugs if you check it out!

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Update 11 - The Frog Village

Past the swamplands, Black Cat and his friends reach the river which divides the swamp with the dangerous wastelands. The bridge is out however, so Black Cat and his friends must find a way around. In their travels, they come across a tribal village of frogs. Perhaps they can obtain help from their chieftain.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Update 10 - The Swamplands

After escaping the city through the sewers, Black Cat and his friends travel north and meet a new friend, Blue Fish. After learning more about the road ahead, They venture forth through the swamplands, a place of many secrets and dangers...

Monday, 26 May 2014

Update 9 - Kickstarter Campaign Launch!

Black Cat's Story is now on Kickstarter!

Black Cat must train and join up with his friends to defeat the tyrannical Ruffus, who is wreaking havoc on the land!

Black Cat's Story is an off-kilter action adventure game which focuses on the story of Black Cat, whom takes upon the quest to avenge the fallen victims of a psychotic killer named Ruffus. Black Cat's story is a combination of both story telling, and turn based combat, borrowed from popular games such as Final Fantasy and Pokemon.

Black Cat's Story is a humor-filled venture, featuring a diversity of off-the-wall characters, settings, and events. Throughout the game, Black Cat is able to join forces with his friends, acquire new weapons, armors and items, and uncover a marvel of secrets.

You can check out Black Cat's Story on Kickstarter at:

You can download the version 4 demo on Mediafire at:

Update 8 - The Sewers

Anxious to continue their quest, Black Cat and his friends find a way out of the city through the underground sewers. However, like in all video games, the sewer is full of it's own dangers...

Update 7 - The City

Black Cat and his friends finally reach the city. After some shopping, sight-seeing, and stealing, they find themselves locked in the city walls. It would seem that someone does not want them to leave...

Update 6 - The Mountains

Black Cat, Brown Dog, and Yellow Duck head toward the city through a mountain pass. However, on their journey they are ambushed by ogres and taken back to their camp! It's now up to Black Cat to make his elaborate escape and save his friends!

Update 5 - The Lake

Black Cat and Brown Dog reach a lake at the end of the forest. They meet the resident living there, by the name of Yellow Duck. Agreeing that Yellow Duck is a cool guy, they enlist his help to fight Ruffus. Before adventuring forth however, they soon discover that the lake has a dark secret...

Update 4 - The Forest

Black Cat and Brown Dog pass through a forest in their journey. The forest is full of poisonous critters, and Black Cat believes some of the trees to be alive, and villainous!

Update 3 - The Torched Town

Black Cat and Brown Dog reach the nearby town, however it would seem Ruffus has reached it before them! The only life that remains is green giraffe, who has been left in crippling despair. Before departing onward, Black Cat and Brown Dog encounter some robotic scouts of Ruffus!

Update 2 - The Fields, and Brown Dog

Black Cat embarks from the village on his quest to stop Ruffus, meeting up with his friend, Brown Dog. On their journey, they encounter a number of different enemies including the slimy snail, and the mad mole!

Update 1 - Woodlands and Village

Black Cat begins his adventure in the nearby woodland from his village home. After some perilous events involving the loss of his friends and family, Black Cat becomes persistent to start his quest and train to become powerful to stop the tyrannical villain Ruffus, from hurting anymore people.