Monday, 26 January 2015

Update 17 - Demo 8

Unfortately there was a game breaking bug in the previous version, where if you didn't interact with some of the events in the Torched Town before talking to Green Giraffe, an event would freeze up and you'd be unable to go on. This has been fixed! 

 Also in this version, Black Cat challenges his way through Ruffus's Castle, which is full of puzzles and traps, until he finally makes his way to the rooftop, just in time for the final battle with Ruffus!

The latest version is accessible via the downloads page!

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Update 16 - Demo 7

Hurrah! Another new version! This one includes some nifty new content such as random in-combat text, and also health bars for the enemies. Black Cat also finds himself on the brink of the ultimate showdown with Ruffus, as he passes through the disastrous remains of the castle town, leading straight to the doors of Ruffus's Castle!

The latest version is accessible via the downloads page!

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Update 15 - Demo 6

The latest demo is now available on the downloads page! This is a huge update to both new game play and old. Throughout the entire game there are new areas, music, items, characters and secrets! If you've been holding out waiting to play, this might be the version to play! For the next version, we will be working on end-game content as we push toward a final release!

Update 14 - The Wastelands

After finding the cavern exit, Black Cat presses on into the wastelands. The wastelands is Black Cat's biggest challenge yet, and he will face some dangerous monsters and minions. Black Cat and his friends will be relieved to know that once they conquer the wasteland, they will almost be right at Ruffus's doorstep...