Black Cat's Story is a humor-filled venture, featuring off-the-wall characters, settings, and events!

Black Cat must train and join up with his friends to defeat the tyrannical Ruffus, who is wreaking havoc on the land!

Black Cat's Story is an off-kilter action adventure game which focuses on the story of Black Cat, whom takes upon the quest to avenge the fallen victims of a psychotic killer named Ruffus. Black Cat's story is a combination of both story telling, and turn based combat, borrowed from popular games such as Final Fantasy and Pokemon.

Black Cat's Story is a humor-filled venture, featuring a diversity of off-the-wall characters, settings, and events. Throughout the game, Black Cat is able to join forces with his friends, acquire new weapons, armors and items, and uncover a marvel of secrets.



  • Beautiful handcrafted original pixel-art graphics.
  • Incredible non-repetitive high quality music and sound effects.
  • Astonishing game-play and life-like combat mechanics.
  •  A gripping storyline which will immerse you start to finish.
  • Limitless events and characters to interact with.
  • A seamless open world to explore, where your choices influence the storyline.



  • IGN: "Unbelievable, it's Skyrim on steroids!"
  • Gametrailers: "11/10, a must play for all ages"
  • Metacritic: "Easily one of the best games of this generation!"
*Features and reviews may be exaggerated or entirely faked



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